Featured Indie Game: Friday Night Funkin'

From time to time, we will feature an indie game on Itch.io and give it its well-deserved spot in the spotlight - this time around, it's a challenging action rhythm game called Friday Night Funkin'! Featured Indie Game: Friday Night Funkin' large

Inspired by Parappa the Rapper, Friday Night Funkin' is a challenging, indie, action rhythm game with some cool tunes, intense gameplay, and 6 levels (excluding the tutorial), with each level offering around 2-3 songs.

The game comes with both a story mode and a free play mode. In story mode, you play as a young man who just wanted to smooch his hot girlfriend but his ex-rockstar dad is in the way! The only thing you can do is to use the power of music to "convince" him that his daughter is in good hands.

Of course, her dad isn't the only guy you'll have to fend off in this game, and I really like that the game included some festive-themed levels too, such as the one for Halloween and Christmas.

On the other hand, in free play mode, you can choose exactly which song, out of the 18 in total including the tutorial "song", you'd like to play. Though, I'd like to point out that you won't be able to choose the difficulty - it's set as "Normal" by default. The tutorial here is great too as it does its job perfectly by introducing the gameplay to the player.

As I've mentioned before, the gameplay in Friday Night Funkin' is absolutely thrilling, with moments when a slew of tightly-packed arrows will just fill up your side of the screen, putting your hand-and-eye coordination to the ultimate test.

Personally, I've had plenty of fun with Avicii Invector when I was reviewing that game, but Friday Night Funkin' definitely offers something wayyy different.

Similar to Parappa the Rapper, you'll only get your turn after your AI "opponent" is done with its turn (and the AI always starts first), but unlike the teacher-student dynamic in the classic, the AI and you are competitors in some sort of action rhythm showdown where the loser will, unfortunately, get electrocuted and die.

However, there are a few times when the showdown turned into some sort of duet so you mustn't let your guard down even when it's supposed to be the AI's turn. I regret to say that I've missed a few notes because I wasn't paying attention to my side of the screen as the AI is tapping its keys.

Now, the best part about this game is that Friday Night Funkin' is completely free to play. You can check out the game on Newgrounds or you could download the game - we would actually recommend this if you plan on (eventually) beating the game - from their game's Itch.io page. Don't forget to toss some coins to the developers and show them some love!