Top 5 Entries for the Brackeys Jam 2020

The Brackeys Game Jam is a tough competition for indie developers; they are given a week to develop an entire game around a specific topic. We got the best ones from this year's already, check them out! Top 5 Entries for the Brackeys Jam 2020 large

If you’re familiarized with the Brackeys Game Jam, you’ll know that is kind of a big deal and this the fourth year in a row that is being celebrated, but if you don’t know what we’re talking about, let us clear your doubts. The Brackeys Game Jam is a tough competition for indie developers, since they are given a week to develop an entire game around a specific topic.

The game is hosted by Itch.io, a famous video game website, because it lets indie developers publish and sell their games and it gives gamers an extensive selection of games to download or play online. All indie developers use this opportunity to try their skills, but they also chase the prices, since the winner gets recognition on the website and the chance to see his game on the main page of itch.io.

This year’s theme is “rewind” and users have to create a game that is somehow related to this topic, if they want to win. There are literally too many great titles to play, but to make things easier for you we went over a lot of them and brought you our top 4 entries for the Brackeys Jam 2020 2.0.

Divided Dungeon

Although there are hundreds of games to play, we want to start this list with a great puzzle/platformer that brings the best of the rewind topic. Divided dungeon offers a really tough and fun experience as you try to escape a mysterious dungeon taking advantage of a time loop that you can’t control, but you can use on your favor.

Play now: https://www.indiegamer.io/games/divided_dungeon


Another puzzle/platformer with a heartwarming story that will bring the tears of many, as you Mina a rabbit of the royal family with the power to create wormholes in time at will. The main goal of the game is to move around Mina´s old palace to find her closest friend, but since the palace is now burned, you’ll have to use your magic to take the castle back to his glory days.

Play now: https://www.indiegamer.io/games/timekeep


If you like puzzlers, this is your lucky day, since many of the games on this list are puzzles, but that’s only because the theme is heavily related to the genre. In this case we have a fun nice looking puzzle, in which you’re a box that can create other boxes and rewind his own steps in order to reach the goal in every stage. While it may sound too simple, when you play it you’ll realize that strategy and skills are needed to beat this tough and amusing game.

Play now: https://www.indiegamer.io/games/reloom


Although timeless is the shortest of all the games on this list, it offers a really refreshing experience, since it’s a real feast to the senses, because it offers nice graphics, great music and smooth playability all combined with a great story that it will not bore you for a single second. Because of its simplicity it’s at the bottom of our list, but that doesn’t mean it is not worth it at all.

Play now: https://www.indiegamer.io/games/timeless

It’s pretty obvious that the jam is getting better and better every year. This year, it didn’t disappoint at all; which ones are your favorites?