What is Itch.io?

Riding the wave that is the indie games boom, Itch.io came into being. What is it really and what does it do? What is Itch.io? large

Imagine virtual online "place" that’s filled with millions of creative minds from the games industry from all over the world who get to not only exhibit their creations on a nifty marketplace but also gain crucial feedback and tips to improve... Well, that’s exactly what Itch.io is, really! A digital platform for skilled digital game creators who can conveniently sell their content at any price they deem as appropriate. Considering the fact that there’s no limit to what skilled creators can design if they’re provided the right tools to bring their ideas into motion, Itch.io has designed its creative tool around the idea of offering complete creative freedom to independent creators with its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface where you get to distribute your content as you desire.

If you’re a game developer and have created a game that you’d like to put out into the world, Itch.io is the perfect place since the website will allow you to create a custom page that you can design exactly according to your preferences as you’ll be able to add colors, fonts, and images of your choice. Once you’ve successfully designed and published your page, Itch.io will allow you to monitor the engagement around your content where you can keep tabs on who’s playing, downloading, or viewing your game thanks to its highly advanced and detailed analytics system. You’ll even be able to generate download keys for your game if you’d like to promote it by hosting things like giveaways.

If you’re wondering that you might have to pay a certain amount to upload your content on Itch.io then that’s far from the case because Itch.io provides its services completely free so you won’t have to pay a single penny to get your content out there. For the aspiring game developers out there, Itch.io offers an extensive collection of video game assets of various kinds that can help you out tremendously in putting together your own game. Though most high-end assets require payment to use, this isn't always the case at Itch.io because there are tons of free assets there as well that can be utilized easily.

For the average user, Itch.io also houses a wide variety of games spanning numerous categories, so if you’re on the lookout for some extremely high-end indie games to play, you’ll easily be able to find them on Itch.io thanks to its expertly crafted interface that makes it easy to browse through the enormous catalog of games hosted on Itch.io. Keeping all this in mind, whether you’re an independent creator who wants to sell their game or a buyer who wants to play, Itch.io is sure to have something that caters to your needs.

All in all, Itch.io is the perfect marketplace for independent creators who are equipped with the right set of skills to create inspiring content that they can put up for sale at their desired price and earn a reasonable amount of money through their creative work.