A Frog's Guide to Eating Flies

A Frog's Guide to Eating Flies thumb
Make swift moves across the level to get near the flies in this engaging puzzle game that’ll keep you glued to the screen. Play Now A Frog's Guide to Eating Flies large

With engrossing gameplay to get you hooked right from the start, A Frog’s Guide to Eating Flies is a delightful and entertaining puzzle game in which you’ll be moving your frog around the map in order to help him catch flies in the maze so put on your stealth mode and eat all the flies without falling off the map in this exciting game that never ceases to amaze. When it comes to the gameplay, the game offers highly immersive and fast-paced gameplay where you’ll be left baffled on how to make your way towards the flies in order to catch them.

Each level is designed like a maze or a puzzle where flies will be standing in their fixed positions while the frog will have the freedom to move around the place to find his way towards the flies. Your main objective in the game will be to join fragmented pieces in such a way, that your frog gets near a fly and catches it. It may seem like an easy task but we can assure you that this is far from the case as the game features some of the puzzles that’ll leave you thinking for hours. The map contains a green part and some rocks on it and the frog can only make moves on the green part while rocks in the level can be used to increase the length of the frog’s tongue.

The visuals of the game are also quite brilliant thanks to the wonderful level designs along with sleek animations and frame rates that make the visual experience truly pleasant.

Overall, A Frog’s Guide to Eating Flies is an exceptional puzzle game with engrossing puzzle elements so if you’re a fan of puzzle games, you should check this one out.