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Make the most of the resources at your disposal in this delightful indie simulation game that’s a cut above the rest.
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Autonauts is a delightful game that revolves around entities known as the Automationauts that exist to visit worlds and set them in motion via the process of automation. This is an extremely creative game with immersive gameplay and tons of great features so we highly recommend checking it out if you want to try a truly top-notch indie game that impresses on all fronts.

The gameplay of Autonauts revolves around controlling your Autonauts and using their abilities to help set the new world in motion. You’ll have limited resources at your disposal such as earth, sand, sea, water, trees and rock and it’ll be up to you to utilize these resources in order to build and automate an entire civilization. The gameplay is quite in-depth but what’s most impressive about it is that players are given total autonomy to build and develop how they see fit so you’ll be able to enjoy the experience at your own pace without being pigeonholed into a certain style.

The graphics of Autonauts are vibrant, lively, detailed, colorful and truly a delight to look at. The game is no doubt one of the most appealing indie games we’ve come across in a while and the animations of every single in-game entity are buttery smooth so the visual experience is a treat. All said and done, though, Autonauts is a stellar indie game that you simply cannot pass up on.