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Apple’s darling pet dog is being held captive by Dr.Onion and it’s your job to get her dog back by defeating the evil genius
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Bonkers is a fun little game in which the evil mastermind Dr.Onion perfectly executes his plan of kidnapping Apple’s dog and it’s your job to fill Apple’s shoes in order to defeat Dr.Onion by going through different levels in which you’ll face plenty of obstacles fielded by the sinister. The game is pretty entertaining and has an intriguing story that keeps you glued to the seat which makes it worthy of trying.

Based around action gameplay where you have to take down enemies in order to progress, Bonkers allows the player to go all out on his/her foes who will try their level best to stop you from reaching your goals so it will be your job to strategically plan every move and take them down instantly. When it comes to takedown mechanisms, Apple’s equipped with powerful punch moves that will help you big time in taking down the bad guys in your way and it might sound easy to simply take them down with a punch but there’s more to the game since the difficulty level increases as you progress through stages so make sure you adapt to different levels in order to help Apple get her beloved dog back.
The visuals of the game are eye-catching and the controls are pretty easy to operate which makes this game a lot more fun to play and if you’re concerned about the background music, Bonkers isnt like those traditional games that come with annoying gameplay sounds and soundtracks so you’d enjoy that aspect of the game as well.

Bonkers is an entertaining game with addicting action packed gameplay, vibrant visuals, and an intriguing setting and all this comes together to make for a great gameplay experience for the player.