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Enjoy this top-notch sequel to the stellar platformer game that impressed us a great deal.
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Celeste Classic 2 is the sequel to the original Celeste Classic and it’s no doubt a great game that not only lives up to the standards set by its predecessor but even manages to surpass them in various ways. The game manages to bring a variety of new elements to the table that help raise the bar to a whole new level so anyone one the lookout for a stellar platformer experience should certainly give it a go.

Like its predecessor, Celeste Classic 2 features level-based gameplay in which your objective is to utilize the mechanics at your disposal to make your way through the various platforming challenges presented in a level. The first game revolved around a fun double jump mechanic but, this time around, you’ll have a grappling hook that you can use to latch onto walls from afar and this leads to some pretty engaging gameplay moments that make Celeste Classic 2 an absolute treat to play. The level design of the game is also superb so the gameplay certainly doesn’t leave much to be desired.

The visuals of Celeste Classic 2, much like the original, feature a retro-inspired design that doesn’t disappoint. The levels are detailed, the animations are smooth and the colors are vibrant so the game is certainly a treat to look at and, overall, we highly recommend giving Celeste Classic 2 a shot.