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Diabolical creatures have taken over the world and it is your job to take them down intelligently in this engaging 2D action game
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Produced by Guselect Productions, Comeback is an incredible action game in which you’ll be squaring up against dangerous enemies and in order to restore normalcy in the world, you’ll be filling your characters’ shoes to take them down using your effective super power and tactical decisions so make sure the decisions you make are the right ones since they’ll have a lasting impact. When it comes to visuals, the game features a dark theme and creepy environments that go accurately with the story of the game and that’s exactly what makes the user experience a lot more authentic and intense. Along with detailed graphics, the game also features a captivating soundtrack and some highly realistic sound effects that were highly praised by the critics after the release.

The gameplay is pretty fast-paced and challenging because your main task is to defeat your enemies tactically using your super power that’ll help you trap them and kill them so in terms of difficulty, you’ll find the start of the game a little easy but as you progress through the game, your tactical abilities will be tested to the limit. The most enjoyable part of the game is its combat in which you’ll have to face dangerous creatures and the only way to defeat them is by trapping them into lines that’ll be constructed around objects by you and that’s where you’ll have to think sharp because if you fail to trap and kill them, they’ll cause problems for you.

All in all, Comeback is an entertaining action-packed game with high-quality visuals and animations so if you’re into tactical games, you should definitely put Comeback on your list of games-to-try as it’ll keep you hooked for hours.