Divided Dungeon

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Escape a mystery dungeon using your crazy ability to rewind the time in this awesome puzzle/platform game.
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You wake up in the middle of some dusty cave with no memory of what happened or what to do, but you do know that you have to escape and luckily you have the perfect ability to do it, since you’re able to rewind time and use this power to reach high platforms and unlock the doors that keep you trapped. Help Jerry escape his confinement, but remember that this is a race against time.

Divided Dungeon is a puzzle/platformer, in which you have to play as jerry and his knight buddy in order to get out of the dungeon, but this comes with a twist, since you have to play by turns and rely on the rewind feature to orchestrate the perfect escapade. Although it was developed by a team of three persons, the game is excellent and really amusing.

The controls are centered on the keyboard, as you’ll use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump. This is a trial and error game, in which you’ll have to study every level if you want to make the perfect plan to cross the exit. Although the playability is not anything extraordinary, the mechanic of the game creates a challenging puzzle, in which you’ll need to excel your skills and use your intelligence to clear every stage.

While the game absolutely succeeds at following the rewind theme of this year's Brackey's jam, it also manages to entertain the gamer and challenge him with some difficult stages, a good playability, a clear objective and also a great soundtrack. We don’t hesitate at recommending this game to everyone, since it’s a really fun, tough and complete side-scrolling adventure.