Gnarled Hag

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Being held captive in a creepy house by an evil witch, it is your job to make sure you escape the place
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Available on Itch.io, Gnarled Hag is a captivating horror sidescroller where your character, an adorable little girl, has to plan her moves swiftly and cleverly in order to escape the house in which she’s being held captive by an evil witch who spares no one. Developed using Game Maker Studio 2, a robust and one of the most user-friendly softwares, Gnarled Hag offers an overwhelming gameplay experience along with a thrilling story that’ll keep you anxious and on the edge of your seat till the very end.

When it comes to the gameplay of Gnarled Hag, the controls are pretty simple and the visuals are absolutely on point considering the context of the game because as you progress through the game and find yourself in a situation where you’re either trapped or being chased by the evil witch, you can clearly see the change of expressions on your character’s face which definitely makes this game a lot more exciting and loveable. As mentioned earlier, your job is to carefully maneuver around the house and avoid any sort of danger in order to escape this haunted place but if you’re wondering that it might be an easy task to do so then that’s far from the case because the witch can be anywhere in the house so you better watch out. Good sound effects are pivotal to develop a worthy horror game and Gnarled Hag doesn’t disappoint in this department as well since the sounds are spot-on that feel genuinely intimidating, especially during clutch moments.

All things considered, Gnarled Hag is a thrilling and electrifying horror game that is certainly worth a try if you’re a fan of the genre.