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Set foot into a Wild West inspired world that’ll have you immersed from the very first second.
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Gunfighters is an epic and highly engaging MMOFPS that we recommend for the audience of players who are fans of the Wild West thematic and want a fun game that delivers not only an authentic environment inspired by this theme but also some truly enjoyable gameplay. This may not be the most groundbreaking MMOFPS out there but it’s certainly an enjoyable one that’s worth looking into.

What’s great about Gunfighters is the fact that the game offers some fairly fast-paced gameplay so every match feels intense from start to finish and there’s rarely, if ever, a dull moment between play. There are lots of great weapons to choose from as well and, alongside everything else, Gunfighters has three distinct game modes for players to enjoy and this variety does an excellent job of ensuring that the game doesn’t become repetitive after a while. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the game’s been retired so there isn’t any further development going on but, even in its current state, Gunfighters is worth checking out.

The visuals of Gunfighters are great thanks to the authentic Wild West atmosphere, great special effects and, of course, the realistic weapon designs so you’re sure to be fully immersed if you give the game a shot. Overall, there’s no doubt that Gunfighters is a game that pretty much all multiplayer shooter fans should try out.