Hank’s Voyage

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Accompany Hank as he travels through Egypt in order to solve a mystery that has many people confused.
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Hank’s Voyage is a thoroughly engaging platformer game in which players get to fill the shoes of Hank, the newest hire in a spy agency, as he embarks on a journey to Egypt to uncover a mystery that’s left many confused. The game is filled to the brim with mystery, suspense and intrigue so we certainly recommend getting into it if you want a high-end platformer game with a proper story to back up the experience.

The gameplay of Hank’s Voyage features a creative design in which you’ll not only have to go through various platforming challenges that are sure to test your skills but, alongside this, the game also features a lot of stealth-based mechanics that blend into the platforming gameplay perfectly and help make for a much more intense and exhilarating experience that players are sure to be delighted with.

The graphics of Hank’s Voyage are also superb and are no doubt among the best we’ve seen when it comes to indie platformer games of this sort. The in-game environments are packed with detail, all the animations seem quite smooth, the colors are vibrant and, all things considered, the game is absolutely top-notch as far as the graphics are concerned. All this being said, there’s no doubt that Hank’s Voyage is among the best platformer games of its kind and absolutely comes recommended from us.