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Manage a massive hardware company and build revolutionary products to leapfrog your competitors in this delightful game.
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With totally unique simulation mechanics, Hardware Tycoon is an enthralling management simulation game in which you’ll be held in charge of running and managing a huge hardware company that’s facing a lot of competition from its competitors and, needs top-drawer management in every single department to become the best in the business so skill up your management abilities, think out of the box, and take your company to the top in this exciting game.

The core gameplay mechanics are a little hard to master but are really absorbing once you get a hole of them. You’ll be taking matters into your own capable hands and you’ll be controlling different departments of your company. You’ll have a certain budget for the production of t products and it’ll be up to you how you control the market and influence it. It’s important that you keep tabs on what your competitors are doing in the market either to stay up-to-date with the changing trends, or to give yourself an edge over them so you should always be familiar with their strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll also be allowed to take a loan from the bank so if you’re certain you can manufacture a product that will dominate the market and will increase your sales, you can take a gamble and invest in that products for the prosperity of your company. The visuals of the game are also quite decent thanks to the smooth frame rates and simple level designs that make the visual experience pleasing.

All things considered, Hardware Tycoon is a brilliant and a little different type of simulation game with absorbing gameplay mechanics to keep you entertained so if you’re into simulation games, you should try this one.