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Make The United Republic of the People's Territories of States great again, as you sign crazy executive orders and convince people you’re right with your charming speeches.
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You have an important job as the new president of The United Republic of the People's Territories of States, since you have to sign new executive orders and make everyone like your decisions. Sounds fun right? But it gets better, as the new laws for your country are totally insane statements.

You can decide if you want to ban the sky, or force babies to have beards, or make people eat all of their pizza with pineapple, because you’re the president after all. Then you´ll use your wit to persuade everyone into supporting your decisions.

One of the best features about this game is the playability; it’s easy and fun. The game doesn’t really need a tutorial; you only have to use one finger to select your new executive order, sign it, and answer questions from your fellow citizens.

The main goal is to keep everyone happy with all of your choices; the ultimate goal is to avoid impeachment. You’ll start the game with a medium level on your three stats, economy, charm, and eco-friendliness. If you answer your questions correctly in front of the media, your stats will go up, but if you screw up, you’ll lose points, and if you get to zero on any stat, you’ll get impeached.

Although we all agreed that this was a really fun game to play for a few times, we thought it was too open-ended and honestly, the only way of finishing it is by actually getting impeached. Nevertheless, if you want to turn your boring afternoon at your aunt’s house into a bit of fun, try this game and do not get impeached too fast.