It’s gotten windy up there

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Gear up to save humanity from a disastrous event by traveling back in time in this enthralling 2D game
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When it comes to indie games, It’s gotten windy up there is certainly a masterpiece in which you’re solely responsible to save humans from a massive natural catastrophe that will shake the earth and destroy every living being in it so it’s your job to fill Edda’s shoes and try your very best to save humanity before it all goes wrong. The game is based around a time traveling concept where people are living beneath the surface ever since the catastrophic event has occurred which means they’re facing constant hardships in an unbearable environment and you’re chosen to travel back in time to fix things that lead to this disaster.

When it comes to the gameplay, the story is fast-paced with zero frills and easy controls which makes this game a lot more amusing than it seems. You’ll set out on your journey to find secrets, hidden clues, pathways, and all the other relevant information that you can gather in order to restrict the natural disaster from happening so if you’re into puzzle solving and mind-bending games, you’re certainly going to enjoy this one. The difficulty level increases as you progress through the game so while you might find the initial notes and clues a bit easily, you’d certainly have to work your way into finding them in the later stages so make sure your concentration levels are sky-high when you’re playing this game. One particular thing, along with its story, that’ll take your gaming experience to the next level, are the detailed visuals of the game where you’d find the character design highly creative and the environment around you is also pretty detailed.

To be precise, It’s gotten windy up there is an exciting thriller with puzzle elements that make this game worthy of trying.