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Get your spooky on with this bite-sized indie game and make sure to remember all the dialogues properly.
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You wake up inside the Last Train Home after a hard day of working, but something seems off and you decide to explore and find out what’s happening. If you want answers, you’ll have to speak to all the passengers on that train, but everyone is so caught up in their own business that you’ll have to call their attention somehow.

If you have some experience on adventure video games, you’ll know those secondary missions that are linked to each other, because you need a special item to get another item and another and another. This is exactly what Last Train Home is all about, because you have to help everyone by listening to them and finding solutions.

Everything about this game is actually pretty simple and mysterious, but if you think that pixelated games can’t be spooky, you’re absolutely wrong. Move across the different wagons of the train, since this will help you to find clues on your next action. Move around with the arrow keys and use the X button to interact.

Even though Last Train Home is a bite-sized game, it’s really good and actually scared us the first time that we played it. Since we don’t want to give any spoiler, we’ll just say that even pixels in a very short game can be spooky when the game is done right like Last Train Home.

Last Train Home is an amazing horror story, in which you’re the protagonist. Since this game was only created for a contest is short and simple, but once you play it, you’ll want to download something to the developers. We recommend you to download Last Train Home and take your character safely to his house.