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Experience the real stress of a worker who overslept, as you have to move around a messy house looking for clues to find your keys, start your car and keep your job.
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If you’re a person that is always on time and immediately finds what you’re looking for, we admire you, but if you’re a normal human being, you’ll know how stressful it is, wanting to go out but you’re not able to find your keys, or your wallet or your purse. Although this doesn’t sound like an interesting idea for a videogame, when you add some suspense music and a timer you get an exciting title.

Late is a first person game in which you rely essentially on the movement of the camera, as you have to look around the house to find some clues that will lead you to your keys. Since every item will lead you to the next room, you have to inspect everything; you can’t just skip any clue. Although the house doesn’t change, the position of the clues does fluctuate every time you play.

On the top corner of the screen you’ll find some extra help, as the game shows you a picture of the room you have to visit. If you don’t know the rooms you might feel lost at the beginning, but once you play it a few times it gets easier. We have to admit that this game it’s decently made, since the graphics are okay, the music is stimulating and the flow is smooth.

This indie game shows us that there's a lot of creativity in the heart of new developers, because it shows us an interesting premise that follows the theme of this year's Brackey's jam. The only complaint that we have is that after playing this a few times it becomes really dull, since the objective it’s too simple and it only has one level.