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Enjoy this captivating indie MMOFPS that’ll have you hooked for hours upon hours.
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Redmatch 2 is an absolutely delightful indie MMOFPS that you’ll certainly want to look into if you want a gameplay experience that revolves solely around skill and doesn’t consist of any over the top elements that would overcomplicate things. The game features simple, crisp and responsive gameplay and a fair bit of in-game content variety of so it’s no doubt one of the best FPS games to play if you’re looking for a high-end indie game to sink some time into.

There is quite a lot that makes Redmatch 2 a stellar experience but one of the defining aspects of the game is the fact that its shooting mechanics are absolutely superb. One of the major advantages of such a simplistic design is the fact that it leads to precise and responsive shooting mechanics that enable each shot to go where it’s supposed to. There are multitudes of weapons to choose from as well so, whether you like to snipe foes from afar or get up close and personal with a rifle, you’ll have all the options available to you.

The graphics of Redmatch 2, in true indie fashion, feature a minimalistic design that focuses on clarity over visual flair. The key benefit of this design is that it doesn’t obscure visibility and, thus, strengthens the competitive integrity of the game. Overall, though, Redmatch 2 is a great indie MMOFPS that we absolutely recommend checking out.