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Enjoy this truly engrossing shooting game that’s been inspired by the iconic DOOM and Quake franchises.
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Requiem Quake is a thoroughly enjoying FPS experience and it’s basically what you get when you bring together DOOM and Quake into a single package. The game does an excellent job of combining the intense and fast-paced shooting gameplay of the original DOOM games with the immersive art style of Quake and the end result is a gameplay experience that players simply won’t be able to get enough of once they’ve gotten into the game.

In terms of gameplay, Requiem Quake delivers exactly what you’d expect from something that’s been inspired by doom. The game offers fast-paced FPS gameplay in which you’ll get to mow down tons upon tons of enemies as you try to beat the game. One big highlight of Requiem Quake is the fact that, like the DOOM games, it has loads of great weapons for players to choose from and every single one of these weapons feels insanely satisfying to use.

The Quake inspired visuals, on the other hand, are also quite impressive. The game world is dark and ominous, the enemies have genuinely intimidating designs, the weapons look detailed and, overall, Requiem Quake is quite immersive. All things considered, Requiem Quake is a stellar FPS that we certainly recommend players to give a shot to if they get the chance.