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Become the best contract killer using your rewinding abilities on this top down action/puzzler game.
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When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, but when life gives you the ability to rewind enemies you become a contract killer and steal the software of a big enterprise. Or at least that is what our antihero protagonist did, as he escaped a hidden military based, in which they did some crazy unethical tests that granted him the ability to rewind single movements on any foe that he encounters.

Rewinder is an action puzzler that looks like a shorter version of hotline Miami, as youll be playing a hitman equipped with a gun and some mutant powers that rewind the movements of people. Since stealth is really important in this game, you’ll find the rewinding feature very useful to move through the floor without getting caught by any policeman.

Keyboard and mouse are both needed to play, as you’ll use the W,A,S,D keys to move around the different rooms, the E key to interact with items and the R key to use the rewinding power on the police. The mouse will be used for your killing matters, since the right click allows you to aim and the left click shoot, but if you prefer a more silent movement, you can kill your enemies from the back with an stealth attack using the left click near foes.

Although the game is supposed to mimic the essence of metal gear where stealth was absolutely needed, there’s nothing that stops you from going berserk and just rewind and kill every enemy you find.

We decided that we like this game and invite you to try Rewinder for your own, but we do have one recommendation, as we feel that the game is too slow and this might be frustrating for most gamers.