Rifle Renegade

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Run against the clock in this futuristic killing spree and get rid of all the monsters you can.
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You are now a soldier with great aim and superhuman abilities, like a combination of Captain America and Hawkeye, but there’s a catch, because the drug that the general gave you to become a super soldier will kill you after 12 seconds unless you get a refill. Save the world, but make sure to do it quickly with Rifle Renegade.

Rifle Renegade is a platformer indie game, in which you control a super soldier with awesome abilities and defeat some kind of aliens, but to make things more interesting you have a limited time to do it. While this game doesn’t give you a HP bar, you have instead 12 seconds to clear every stage. If you get hit by an enemy, you’ll lose one of those precious seconds.

If you play Rifle Renegade on the itch platform, you’ll have to use the arrow keys to move and jump and the mouse to shoot your rifle. Since the game was made for a special jam, it counts with few levels, but don’t get sad, since these few levels are full of intensity.

The art style of Rifle Renegade is something that you often appreciate in any game, since the neon colors, the palette and the smooth animation just make the experience so real and funny. If you combine that with the great controls and the awesome music, you’ll get a marvelous example of a game.

Killing enemies, jumping on walls, escaping from danger and other tasks are hard, but when you have to do it versus the clock it can be so stressing and funny that every gamer would totally love it. If you like platformers and shooters, give a visit to the site of itch and play Rifle Renegade.