Sorrow Walls

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Gear up and battle your way through dangerous enemies to unfold the mystery in this exciting action game
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Before going into the specifics of the game, we want to highlight that this is a demo version of the game which has been released to give the players a taste of what the full experience will be like. Sorrow Walls- Demo is a thrilling action game in which you’ll have to solve quests, fight diabolical creatures of all sorts, and find pathways in order to progress and finally get to the boss fight. The game revolves around your character who’s setting out on his adventure and it’ll be your job to fill his shoes and help him accomplish his goals by taking out the evil genius who plans to destroy everything in his path.

The gameplay is pretty fast-paced so you can expect an intense experience throughout the game and it also has pretty detailed visuals which make the game a whole lot more enjoyable. You’ll start your journey inside a creepy maze-like castle in which you’ll have to find pathways that’ll lead you towards your destination but there’s a lot more than that since the game features intense combat in which you’ll have to square up against dangerous creatures so be sure to make full use of the weapons at your disposal. The game also features a gallery that can be visited time-to-time for power-ups and various other collectibles such as safety items, weapons, clues, and a few other things so if you’re planning to hasten your progression, you should definitely visit the gallery and shop for valuable items.

All said and done, Sorrow Walls- Demo offers an enthralling gameplay experience with exhilarating combat which has certainly raised our excitement for the full game release so you should definitely try it if you’re into mystery-solving action games.