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Maintain order in your kingdom by making wise choices to help your kingdom prosper in this delightful simulation game that’ll provide you with hours of fun.
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Offering intriguing gameplay, Sort the Court is an exciting simulation game in which you’ll be taking on the role of a king who has to make every single decision that revolves around his kingdom to make sure his kingdom flourishes under his reign so get ready to make some tough but wise calls for the betterment of your people and land in this thrilling game that never ceases to amaze. You can even decide to play the role of a ruthless king who strikes fear among his people by making selfish decisions but it’s more fun to play as a selfless king as your leadership will be tested better that way.

When it comes to the gameplay, the game offers straightforward gameplay where you’ll simply have to say yes or no to your peoples’ demands using your keyboard keys. You’ll be playing the role of a king who sits on his throne all day and listens to people’s wishes and opinions. Your main task in the game is to make sure you’re clever enough to distinguish good from bad as there’ll be people who’ll try to deceive you with their words and schemes so no matter what the other person offers, you’ll have to make a decision that suits your kingdom best.

If you think someone’s proposing a good idea that can prove to be effective for the betterment of your kingdom then you can approve their request. The visuals of the game are also worth mentioning thanks to the vibrant color scheme of the level along with creative animations that make the gameplay much better.

Overall, Sort the Court is a tremendous simulation game with enjoyable gameplay mechanics that’ll keep you coming back for more and more so you should definitely check this game out.