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Enjoy this extremely creative indie shooting game that’s truly like no other out there.
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Swap Force is a thoroughly engaging and innovative game featuring simple yet highly creative gameplay that players are certainly urged to give a shot to. The gameplay of Swap Force is based around the creative use of two different in-game entities, each of which shoots a different type of projectile. The game takes a bit of getting used to but, once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be in for a great experience.

Swap Force takes place on a wave-by-wave basis and, in each wave, you have to mow down the seemingly endless array of projectiles coming for you. The green character shoots beams that are able to hold projectiles in place and weaken them whereas the blue character can damage projectiles held in place by green. With these mechanics in mind, it’ll be up to you to control both these characters and make the most of their abilities so you can take out every projectile on the playing field as quickly as you can before dying. The gameplay is definitely challenging but it’s also thoroughly enjoyable and certainly unlike anything we’ve come across in most traditional indie games.

The graphics of Swap Force are about as minimalistic as they come with some fairly basic designs for all the in-game entities. Nonetheless, the game still looks appealing as the lighting and special effects are quite lively and the colors themselves are vibrant. Overall, Swap Force is a game that we simply cannot recommend enough.