The Inspector: Complex Arms

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Enjoy this thoroughly immersive indie FPS that’s truly a cut above the rest.
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We’ve had our share of quite a few indie games over the years but The Inspector: Complex Arms is without a doubt one of the most impressive games we’ve come across in recent times. Made with Unreal Engine 4, the game not only features some of the most engrossing visuals we’ve seen in an indie game but also comes with extremely engaging gameplay that’s filled to the brim with exciting elements and intense moments that are going to have players hooked until the end.

In The Inspector: Complex Arms, you’ll fill the shoes of a government investigator who’s been tasked with investigating illegal activity on the moon. Doing so will be no easy task, however, as there are deadly enemies who will do anything to stop you in your tracks. The gameplay itself is superb with crisp shooting mechanics, challenging enemies, lots of weapons to choose from and a whole lot more and this, alongside the immersive setting, is sure to have you hooked on The Inspector: Complex Arms until the very end.

The graphics of The Inspector: Complex Arms are hands down among the best that we’ve come across in an indie game. The game offers a truly immersive world that’s rich with detail, the in-game colors are lively and vibrant, the weapons have some pretty creative designs and the special effects are a treat to look at. All things considered, if you want an indie game that truly goes above and beyond to provide a worthwhile experience, The Inspector: Complex Arms simply has to be on your radar.