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Travel inside the mind of one of the fathers of thriller novels, H. P. Lovecraft, with this new demo of the indie sensation, “The shore”.
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Horror games are one thing that most gamers love, but when someone makes a horror game that’s based on worldwide famous horror novels, that’s taking it up to the next level, as we all get to experience the bizarre journey of a man who is willing to face the mightiest monsters, gods and even the end of the world to find his last shred of hope, his missing daughter.

The Shore is the perfect example of modern indie games, because it shows us a well-developed game with a unique look and a lot of creativeness. We only get to play the demo, but we love every second, since every part of it, the story, the puzzles, the dialogues and all; are so thought through that makes you immerse yourself in the game on a way that you just can achieve with real horror games.

If you’re used to shooting your way out on these kinds of titles, you will have a really bad time, as the only thing you have to protect yourself from danger are your feet and a few pages that you will have to collect through the shore. The controls are simple and the graphics are really good, considering it’s an indie game. We appreciate this, since you have to be very observant in order to find the items you need to advance.

Although we only have the demo for now, this looks like a very promising title to come out soon. We invite you to try it and help the developers complete this horror jewel, since we know that we all want to have a face to face with the mighty Cthulhu.