The Sun and Moon

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Play this simple yet truly elegant platformer game that you’re going to be hooked on for quite some time.
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The Sun and Moon is a truly innovative and engaging platformer game that demonstrates how you don’t need overly complex mechanics and features to make a thoroughly enjoyable game. If you’re on the lookout for a simple yet engaging platformer that’s challenging and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your browser, The Sun and Moon is a game that should absolutely be on your radar.

The gameplay of The Sun and Moon revolves around collecting the items scattered across each level before you can get to the end. What makes The Sun and Moon so unique is the fact that the game features a unique mechanic that’ll allow you to propel yourself through the in-game walls and creative use of this mechanic is the only way you can complete some levels. The game can be a bit challenging at times but its equally as enjoyable and satisfying so there’s no doubting the fact that it’ll have you hooked for a long time.

The graphics of The Sun and Moon feature a unique, simple and elegant design that isn’t too flashy but is appealing nonetheless. The minimalistic visuals, alongside the smooth animations and vibrant colors, make for a truly great experience and, overall, this is definitely a game that we cannot recommend enough.