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Use your sorcery to join your past self in this magical and emotional adventure, as you play as Mina a rabbit with the ability to create time wormholes.
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Years have passed since the tragic events of that night, but Mina, the only heir of the throne of Elaine, comes back to her old home to find herself with her best friend Secil. Travel through the burned remains of the royal castle, in which you’ll need to use your magical golden pocket watch to create wormholes through time and that allow you to move on.

Timekeep uses the classical puzzle/platformer system that we all love, in which you’ll be controlling Mina the rabbit with the ability to alter his surroundings creating spaces that take you back in time. Although this ability is really powerful and useful to clear every stage, it’s limited in time and amplitude, since it doesn’t last forever and the more wormholes you create, the faster they will disappear.

While you use the W,A,S,D button to move and the spacebar to jump, you’ll also need to use the mouse to execute your magical abilities, as the left click creates the wormholes and the right click vanishes them. Although the game is just a short version of what it may become someday, it’s very well developed, since it offers the gamer a refreshing experience with adorable pixelated graphics, a nice playability and elaborated puzzles.

Timekeep has a total of five levels and after you clear them all you go back to the title screen, because this it’s not a complete work, but we totally encourage the developers to continue with this project and the gamers to try it and help the crew behind Timekeep finish this game, as we are sure is going to be an emotional and magical experience.