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Discover the mysteries hiding in the past with the help of a magical remote control on this epic puzzle adventure.
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Imagine you can change space and time around you, because you found a remote control that allows you to change your surroundings, letting you travel back in time. This is the premise of this short narrative game, but it doesn’t end there, as there is a lot to find and see in your own house that you could only find with this new and powerful tool.

The highlight of this game is its graphics and its story, because even though it is a really short game, it offers a really interesting story and the cartoon graphics makes the game really fun to watch and play. Move around the house with the arrow keys and find secrets hidden and forgotten by time with the help of your all-mighty remote control.

There are a lot of stories waiting to be discovered in the house, as you rewind real life events that took place on the same spot you are but many years in the past. If you want it, you can even travel to the 70s and find your own grandpa in his younger years. Timeless it’s a fun puzzle that reminds us of an Adam Sandler’s movie, but it’s not a real challenge overall.

Although it’s not a really hard game, you can enjoy other features of this indie title such as the music, the story, the graphics and the soft flow of the game in general.

Timeless is a promising title for this year's Brackeys Game Jam, since it follows the topic required by the contest and it’s a nicely developed game. If you want to try something different and uplifting, we recommend you to play this Unity powered on your favorite browser.