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Have a blast on your mission to escape a shadowy castle with the clock as your enemy but also your ally in this awesome indie game.
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If you're all about those puzzles that make your head hurts and your heart pound over a running clock, then Trapped in time is the next title you should definitely play, as you get to experience all that on this new platformer. Although the project isn’t finished, it looks like a promising game judging by the words of its creator and the tutorial available for download.

Since we only get to play the tutorial, there’s not too much to say about the game in general, but we do have some thoughts to share with our loyal readers. Trapped in time is a puzzle/platformer that incorporates the theme of the Brackeys Jam 2020.2, as the protagonist is a swordsman that is locked inside a castle and inside a time loop that makes escaping the castle a really hard mission.

Although you’re running against time, you can also use it for your own benefit, since our hero possesses the ability to lock objects in time. If you want to leave the castle, you’ll have to make a clever use of this magical time power, since it’s the only weapon you can rely on. Well that is not completely true, since you have a sword to destroy object enemies, although the tutorial doesn’t include any enemy.

While the tutorial help us understand the basic mechanics of the game, we still have to play the full thing to make a proper judgement, but by the looks of what we were able to try, the game is a good promise to this genre and the graphics, the sound effects and the system were also pretty well made. If you want your own conclusions, we invite you to try the trapped in time tutorial.