UFO Swamp Odyssey

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Enjoy this addicting, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable platformer game that does not disappoint.
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UFO Swamp Odyssey is a highly engaging and extremely creative platformer game in you’ll be trapped inside an intergalactic junkyard with no hopes of getting out due to an electromagnetic pulse that’s keeping you there. Not only does the game feature a very well thought out setting, it also comes with some pretty clever gameplay so, overall, UFO Swamp Odyssey is definitely a game that we recommend checking out if you’re on the lookout for a top-tier indie platformer.

The gameplay of UFO Swamp Odyssey is no doubt among its biggest strengths. Not only does the game feature the traditional platformer elements that make a game of this sort great but, alongside these, another major aspect of the gameplay is the zapper that you can use in a variety of situations to progress further. The zapper definitely adds a lot of depth to the experience and figuring out how to use it properly is how you’ll be able to beat the game.

The graphics of UFO Swamp Odyssey feature a delightful retro-inspired style that does not disappoint at all. The in-game environment perfectly captures the feeling of an abandoned intergalactic junkyard and, everything’s animated quite smoothly so, overall, the game is a treat to look at and, all said and done, we cannot recommend it enough.