Ultrakill Prelude

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Test your skills in this epic fast-paced FPS in which there isn’t a single dull moment.
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Ultrakill Prelude is the demo version of the full-fledged Ultrakill release and, overall, this is a demo that we recommend pretty much every shooter game fan to try out. This is a game that features some incredibly immersive and engrossing gameplay in which there isn’t a single dull moment and its visuals are also packed with tons upon tons of flashy elements so it’s a game that you simply cannot pass up on if you want a truly intense and exhilarating experience.

The defining aspect of Ultrakill Prelude are, of course, its stellar shooting mechanics that offer a thrilling experience from start to finish. You’ll have access to a wide array of weapons, each of which feels truly satisfying to use, and you’ll get to utilize these weapons to wreak havoc on waves upon waves of foes who’ll do everything they can to stop you in your tracks. Making the most out of these weapons is an incredibly satisfying experience and it’s definitely something that’ll have you hooked until the end.

The graphics of Ultrakill Prelude are packed with flashy special effects and animations, fairly well detailed environments and a dark color palette that perfectly fits with the setting of the game so, all things considered, this is an experience that you should not be missing out on.