Unsung Warriors: Prologue

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Battle your way through tons of enemies and avoid deadly traps in this engaging side-scrolling action game with much to offer. Play Now Unsung Warriors: Prologue large

Unsung Warriors: Prologue is an absolutely stellar side-scrolling action game in which you’ll get to fight through a dangerous world filled with enemies to slay and powerful equipment to acquire. This is a great game with quite a lot to offer but what stood out to us the most was the fact that, alongside the usual single player gameplay, Unsung Warriors: Prologue also comes with a delightful co-op mode that takes the experience to a whole new level.

The defining aspect of Unsung Warriors: Prologue is no doubt its core combat. There are lots of different approaches through which you can battle your enemies and there’s also tons of new equipment through which you can bolster the strength of your characters even further. The game’s definitely at its best in the co-op mode, though, when you have a friend battling alongside you and this is something that we definitely hope to see in other similar indie games as it helps elevate the experience to an entirely new level.

The graphics of Unsung Warriors: Prologue are also quite magnificent. Every single environment, whether it’s a dense forest or a creepy cave, is packed with detail, the enemy designs are on point, the effects and animations look superb and the game is simply a treat to look at which is why, all things considered, Unsung Warriors: Prologue comes highly recommended from us.