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Help our cranium-shaped hero in this new adventure for the glory, the honor and the elegant hats defeating the evil King Obsidyskull and his crew of monsters.
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Don’t you hate when a giant floating dark skull steals your precious new hat? Because we sure do hate when that happens. Although Windskull, the main character, could have just gone to the store and bought another hat, that wouldn’t have been fun right? Enjoy this short and silly game with Windskull, as you immerse yourself in an adventure to fight Obsidyskull, but don’t forget to wind up!

Unless you’re not into short, flash games, we recommend trying Windskull. The story is as simple as you can imagine, since you’re only a skull traveling through some mace-type levels to find your stolen hat. The playability isn’t a challenge either, but it comes with a twist that makes it a little more interesting.

You´ll need the keyboard to move and the mouse to swing your floating sword, but that’s not it, because you’ll be using the right click to wind up Windskull allowing him to move. Since the player has to remember to wind up and dodge all the attacks, the game does bring a little challenge to the table.

Although Windskull is overall a fun adventure, it only counts with three levels making it too short to actually enjoy it, if you’re looking for a game to spend the afternoon playing, you should look at other options; besides, once you get the ability to wind up by killing enemies, the game loses most of its charm.

This game was developed for this year's brackey jam, but it doesn’t actually go with the rewind theme that it was supposed to follow which is basically an important feature according to the rules of the contest. Although Windskull it’s not the perfect title, we recommend it, since it’s still refreshing and very fun to play.