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Put those fists to work in this ultimate battle for the glory and the power of being the best fighter in the universe.
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Xeno Punch is the representation of combat games, since it’s like you took a character from an arcade game, with repetitive and deadly combos, and you put him inside an arena to fight aliens. Make sure to use your big fists to fight hard, since it looks like Xeno is ready to kill and is only waiting for you.

The first impression that we got from Xeno Punch was that it moved too fast, but when we started playing it we understand why it has to be like that. If you want to experience true fighting you’ll have to do it in these battles that last seconds only. But don’t get us wrong, it takes strategy and ability to connect all those punches.

Even though you start the game with few options to attack, you can obtain new moves as long as you defeat some bosses. Use the arrow keys to move, the “Q” Key to dash, the “W” Key to punch, the “E” Key to shoot a big laser and the “R” Key to perform an ultimate attack.

Despite the fact that the game counts with just a few fights, this is one of the greatest indie games we have played in a while, because it’s simple and fun but it also requires skills and practice to actually defeat the bosses. The game also has a few glitches, but overall is a great combat/platformer/arcade game.

Since Xeno Punch is an indie title on itch, you can download it for free, but we love this game so much that we make a donation to the developers, because we want to see more Xeno Punch or something along those lines.