P.E Noire

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Get to the aid of your fellow schoolmates and play the role of an efficient hall monitor in this enticing game that never ceases to amaze. Play Now P.E Noire large

Offering intriguing gameplay with immersive puzzle elements, P.E Noire is a fascinating puzzle game in which you’ll be taking on the role of a fiery hall monitor who has to keep tabs on everything that goes on around the school in order to maintain discipline so lace up, keep an eye on your surroundings, and become everyone’s favorite hall monitor by helping them and solving weird cases. When it comes to the gameplay, the game offers a fast-paced and engrossing point-and-click gameplay where you’ll have different tasks to perform around the school.

As the game begins, you’ll be exploring the school just like an efficient hall monitor and during your exploration, you’ll encounter different types of students and characters. Some will require your assistance for a certain objective while others will bother you with their unethical activities. You’ll have a few items in your inventory that’ll come in handy during the game so whenever you need to perform a task, you’ll have to use the items for your inventory. As mentioned, the school’s filled with tons of shady characters who cause nothing but trouble to everyone so while you’re on the hunt, you’ll find objects and cases that’ll need to be solved by you.

To crack those cases, you’ll need to connect various dots and, you’ll also be needing your supplies so always keep your eyes open because every minor detail can prove to be helpful. The visuals of the game are also pretty decent thanks to the smooth frame rates along with creative character designs that make the visual experience pleasant.

All said and done, P.E Noire is a tremendous puzzle game with engrossing gameplay and thrilling puzzle-solving elements so if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll like this game.