Backpack Hero

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Explore the dungeons, take down enemies, and locate the hidden cheeses with the help of your trusty backpack. Play Now Backpack Hero large

Make your way into the dungeon to find the hidden ancient cheeses in Backpack Hero. Have fun with its 2D pixel art designs for the characters, environment, and enemies which gives out a retro vibe that fits it well. Enjoy its unique mechanics that takes a bit of planning and strategy if you want to clear the stages. You can easily find it on Steam to download and play it on your computer.

Backpack Hero is a game which mostly focuses on your inventory slots and the items you pile in there. At first, you get a 3x3 bag where you can put anything you find in the dungeon as long as you can fit it in the area. You can put an item in to it by left-clicking, dragging, and dropping them into the pack. The area it occupies will depend on the length and its width and you can rotate it by right-clicking it when held. That way, you can fit more items into the bag by using every nook and cranny available. You get to unlock additional spaces with a level-up and increase the items you can carry.

Fighting in Backpack Hero uses a turn-based system with your character having a limited number of moves per round. You can view the amount by the integer written on top of your head. Each action you perform whether attack or defend uses up a move but consuming a potion or edibles does not require anything. You can recharge moves in the same turn by using food or other items.

In short, if you want to try out a game that features item management then Backpack Hero is the one for you. There are several characters you can use each with its own design and story. So come and see if you got what it takes to discover the ancient cheeses and be the ultimate hero!