Friday Night Funkin'

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Win over your girlfriend’s dad’s heart in this delightful rhythm game! Play Now Friday Night Funkin' large

Offering immersive gameplay to keep you dipped from start till the end, Friday Night Funkin is a stellar action-rhythm game in which you’ll be trying your very best to impress your girlfriend’s strict dad who refuses to accept you as the man for her daughter so it’s up to you to win his heart over by showing off your musical skills. Although the game isn't too complex to learn, there’s still an informative tutorial sequence at the start to help you learn the basics so don’t worry about the learning curve as it’s made really easy by the game.

The gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’ is nothing short of delightful and is constantly going to have you coming back for more. The core gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’ features the tried and true formula that’s been around in games of this genre for so many years so it’s based around timing key presses with absolute precision until you eventually become the victor. You’ll be engaging in a musical battle with your rival and whoever times their rhythm better than the other, wins the battle and proceeds on to the next one.

The difficulty level of the game keeps on changing as you keep progressing so make sure you skill up your game as you’ll be squaring up against far better rivals in the later stages. The visuals of the game are truly breathtaking thanks to the wonderful character designs, detailed level designs, and fluid animations that make the overall experience much more enjoyable for the players.

All said and done, Friday Night Funkin is a fascinating action-rhythm game with top-notch gameplay mechanics along with tons of other amusing in-game features that make this game worthy of trying for everyone who’s been a fan of the genre.