Vapor Trails

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Explore the stunning world of Vapor City that holds many dark secrets for you to uncover on your journey. Play Now Vapor Trails large

Vapor Trails is an absolutely phenomenal and truly thrilling action game that you’ll definitely want to check out if you’re on the hunt for an indie experience that delivers on all fronts. This is a stellar game that features some incredibly engaging action gameplay, an intricately crafted world that’s begging to be explored and a whole lot of surprises along the way that help keep the experience interesting. As far as indie games are concerned, this is no doubt one of the best out there and it comes highly recommended from us.

Vapor Trails takes place in the truly majestic Vapor City which is a place that’s filled with various beautiful sights for players to see. There’s a lot to like about the game but one of its biggest highlights is no doubt the stellar combat system that’s sure to put your skills to the test. The combat revolves around utilizing your character’s equipment, as well as each of their limbs, efficiently to deal as much damage as possible to anyone in your path and every single battle is an absolute treat to play through.

The graphics of Vapor Trails are based on a pixel-art inspired style and, overall, they’re truly a treat for the eyes. The game world itself is loaded with a variety of engrossing environments, the combat sequences look superb due to all the effects flying off so, overall, this is an indie game that’s absolutely worth anyone’s while.