article_thumb Featured Indie Game: Friday Night Funkin' From time to time, we will feature an indie game on and give it its well-deserved spot in the spotlight - this time around, it's a challenging action rhythm game called Friday Night Funkin'! article_thumb The Golden Age of Indie Games Independently developed games have been part of the games industry for quite a while. However, with the mass proliferation of Indie game development, the current industry is at a point which could be described as The Golden Age of Indie games. article_thumb What are indie game jams and how do they work? Indie game jams have grown quite a bit in popularity over the years and, in this article, we’ll be going into detail regarding what they actually are and the reasons behind their surge in popularity. article_thumb 4 Weirdest (and Must-play) Games Created from Game Jams Game jams are outstanding events where developers - and aspiring ones - can create games within a limited amount of time. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest (and best) ones spawned: article_thumb Top 5 Entries for the Brackeys Jam 2020 The Brackeys Game Jam is a tough competition for indie developers; they are given a week to develop an entire game around a specific topic. We got the best ones from this year's already, check them out! article_thumb What Makes an Indie Game an Indie Game? We hear the term "indie" within the gaming community a lot lately but, do you even know exactly what that means? Let's find out in this short article article_thumb What is Riding the wave that is the indie games boom, came into being. What is it really and what does it do? article_thumb Why is at the Forefront of Indie Games? While not as popular as Steam and Epic Games, is the frontrunner in the world of indie games. Here’s why: article_thumb The 7 Best Things (and Challenges) of Indie Gaming Development Being an indie game developer is fantastic - you’re able to create the games you want and for many, a great way to jumpstart your career. It has its many benefits, but at the same time, a few challenges.