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Show your skills with this indie game like a pro by slaying the enemies, doing some parkour and solving all the puzzles.
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God bless technology, since it gives the opportunity to all the game developers out in the world to express themselves with wonderful and simple adventures like this one. RE:RUN is that kind of game that lacks story, characters and even background, but for some reason you can’t stop playing it.

The highlight of this indie 2020 game is its simplicity, since basically you’re just an arm in first person which main goal is to defeat some googly eyed enemies. But don’t get us wrong, since the game is well-made, super polished and very fun to play. This game is powered by Unity and shows a well-balanced set of controls, since you have to use the mouse and the keyboard alongside to defeat every level.

While you’ll use the keyboard to move and perform some actions like jumping and sliding to solve the puzzles and get some power-ups, the mouse is focused on moving the camera and using your sword for attacking or defending. The game is not too extended, since it only has 10 levels to play, but you can play it over and over trying to beat your own scores.

Each level shows a new challenge and it takes some trial and error in order to get good, but with unlimited lives and that neat soundtrack, it’s not a problem to keep trying.

Although RE:RUN is not some epic adventure with great characters, memorable dialogues and the best scenery, it is a really fun way to spend some time, like most of the indie games out there. If you have the opportunity, you should give it a shot and try not to get too surprised with how skillful those googly-eyed swordsmen and archers can be.