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Get hooked on this absolutely stellar platforming game that implements creative puzzle elements into the mix.
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For Them is a truly immersive and highly engaging platforming game in which you’ll play the role of Dwayne, a spy who simply wants to be done with his dangerous life and return back home to live in peace and harmony. You’ll need to complete one last mission, however, and this might just be Dwayne’s most dangerous one yet so the stakes are at an all time high for this one as everything has to go right.

The gameplay of For Them revolves around navigating Dwayne through an array of platformer sequences that are sure to test your skills as you go through them. The core platforming gameplay is absolutely spot-on and its raised to the next level by a variety of puzzle elements that have been creatively implemented into the mix. On top of all this, For Them even features some stealth aspects and all the different gameplay features come together perfectly to make for a gameplay experience that players will be thoroughly delighted with.

The graphics of For Them feature a mix of dark and realistic styles that definitely help convey the serious tone of the game. The environments themselves are fairly detailed, though, and the colors are vibrant so, overall, the game doesn’t disappoint in terms of visuals and, as a whole, it’s an experience that we recommend for every single platformer fan out there.