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Think fast and align the identical items together to defeat your foe in this match-3 tactical game
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Offering an engaging gameplay experience, Grid Rangers is a fun little game in which you’ll have to match the identical items together horizontally in order to gain more points than your enemy. The story revolves around a group of evil genius pigs who have taken control of the internet and are spreading porcine menace among a huge audience of people and as their savior, it is your job to deploy your Grid Rangers on the field to stop the menace from spreading by taking their mainframe down as soon as you can from the inside. The overall interface of the game is pretty straight forward where you’ll begin your quest in a box filled with different types of items such as CD’s, cans, cubes, and a few other things and your main task would be to move the item tile from one place to another and match 3 identical items together.

The game keeps things interesting for players by providing them a shop through which they can buy power-ups of various different kinds and these power-ups can help you out tremendously during your combat so make sure you keep visiting the shop in order to gain an competitive edge over your enemies. The Rangers you deploy on the field have their own unique powers and abilities so we highly recommend that you activate their special abilities to witness powerful effects in the field. In terms of visuals, the game is quite appealing. The design of the objects are sharp and the animations feel pretty smooth which certainly make this game a lot more enjoyable.

All said and done, Grid Rangers is an entertaining match-3 game with vibrant colors and a clean interface so if you like these type of games, you should certainly check it out.