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Test your ability at solving puzzles and your ability to keep your patience with this new indie game.
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If you think that you have seen everything that the puzzle genre has to offer, you better think again, because this new indie title named ReLoom shows an interesting feature that you may want to try. Play as a shiny box that creates other boxes, in order to collect green shiny dots. Although it sounds really simple, the game demands you to use the rewind feature that allows you to go back in time and re-do your movements.

Experience the true essence of a puzzle/platformer with ReLoom, as you spend a lot of time studying every level of this game. The concept it’s simple, since you’re only a box that crosses some obstacles, but you have to use time travel to get to the point that you want to be. While other puzzles are just trial and error, ReLoom challenges your ability to distort time in the most intelligent way.

Use the A, D keys to move forward or backward and the W key to create white boxes above you, since you’ll need to use these as platforms. If you run out of boxes to create, you can always absorb another one as long as you’re standing on it. The best action belongs to the E key that lets your square character travel back on its own steps, defying, time, space and even gravity to clear every stage.

We had the chance to play this amazing game and we recommend it to all the puzzle lovers in the gaming universe, but we do have one small superficial recommendation, since the soundtrack it’s just too repetitive and for a game that takes time to go through, this may turn out to be a little annoying.