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Drive a neon spaceship on a battle arena and defeat the other ships to achieve victory with this indie title.
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Turn yourself into a space warrior, as you get to use your spaceship on a battle arena against other ships. RewinGX is a fighting game that uses a space-themed background with beautiful graphics that are a feast for the eyes, it displays an appealing and soft playability that takes some time to dominate, as you learn to properly turn your vehicle and do some amazing stunts.

Although the mechanics behind the game are a little confusing, you can enjoy yourself just winning this race against time and your enemies. Since you just have to keep turning and moving, winning can be easily achieved just make sure to not hit the walls or the obstacles, as you’ll immediately lose and you'll have to repeat the level.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move and the spacebar to drift, meaning you'll get more closed turns, and try to survive. since the game doesn't offer a tutorial for beginners, it takes time before you'll learn to defeat the enemies, but don't worry about that, because if you try it a few times the main goal of every level becomes very clear.

If what you want is a simple game with cute scenery and the chance to ride a ship in space, let us tell you that RewinGX is a fun experience with cute neon lights. Although we do have some recommendations for the developers such as adding music, a tutorial and fixing some lag problems, we have to say that this is a fun game and everyone can enjoy it.