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Turn your casual open house visit into an enthralling experience in this captivating simulation game that’ll have you immersed right from the start.
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With unique simulation and gameplay elements, The Open House is a fascinating horror simulation game in which you’ll embark on a casual open house visit to a local house in your neighborhood but as you keep touring the house, you realize that the house is filled with something demonic and evil so you keep looking out of curiosity so get ready for a truly remarkable experience in this thrilling game.

You’ll be briefed about the house thoroughly by the estate agent at the start of the game after which you’ll begin your solo tour inside the house. The core gameplay mechanics are unique but quite intuitive. You’ll go around the house and you’ll have an information button on the screen that’ll provide you with information regarding a certain part of the house. Halfway through your tour, you’ll start sensing some creepy presence inside the house that’ll increase your curiosity and you’ll want to explore the house even more thoroughly now. Some of the jumps scares and horror scenes in the game are truly spine chilling and if you pay full attention to some of the scenes in the game, you’ll realize how detailed and clever those touches are.

The visuals of the game are absolutely brilliant thanks to the detailed level designs, sleek animations and smooth frame rates that make the gameplay a lot more amusing.

All said and done, The Open House is a scintillating horror simulation game with top-drawer simulation elements to keep you hooked at all times so if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll love what this game has to offer.