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Embark on an epic mission in this epic stealth-action FPS that’ll have you hooked until the end.
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Operation: OPS is a truly epic and thoroughly engrossing FPS game in which players get to play as a secret operator who’s on a dangerous mission that isn’t for the faint of heart. The game features an exhilarating setting which, of course, has been paired with some high-end gameplay as well as an intricately crafted world to make for an experience that doesn’t disappoint.

The core gameplay and mission design of Operation: OPS is absolutely superb so your skills will constantly be tested as you try to mow down enemies in the action sequences while also trying to stealthily navigate through the world in the stealth sequences. One of the big highlights of this game, though, is the fact that it features branching storylines and multiple different endings depending on what you do and this is great as it not only makes the game more immersive but also gives it a fair bit of replay value.

The graphics of Operation: OPS might not be the most innovative out there but they’re certainly appealing to look at. The world and its environments are fairly well designed, the animations are smooth and the colors themselves are vibrant as well. Overall, for those who want a stellar stealth-action FPS to get lost in, Operation: OPS is a great choice.