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Battle against a seemingly endless array of monsters that look like they’re straight out of a nightmare. Play Now Scarifights large

Scarifights is a thoroughly captivating indie action game that you’ll want to look into if you want a gameplay experience that’s not only challenging but also has a somewhat spooky element to it. The game consists of tons upon tons of battles against truly terrifying foes ranging from massive spiders to strange mummy-like creatures and it offers an experience that’s engaging from the very first minute to the last so it’s absolutely worth anyone’s while.

The core gameplay of Scarifights, as you’d expect, consists of all these different boss fights and every single one feels more engaging, challenging and enjoyable than the last. What makes all these battles so much fun is the fact that players not only have to deal damage when their opportunity comes but also have to move swiftly around the battlefield in order to avoid the various projectiles that’ll be thrown at you. Overall, the gameplay is absolutely stellar and doesn’t leave a thing to be desired.

The graphics of Scarifights come with a pixel-based art style and, even in a relatively minimalistic style like this one, the monsters definitely look intimidating due to how well designed they are. The arenas are also quite detailed and the colors are vibrant so, overall, this is definitely a game that impresses on all fronts and is worth checking out.